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When thinking about home automation, outdoor lighting is often an afterthought. However, the installation of solar lights will add convenience and ambiance to your yard or garden. This article will discuss how energy-efficient outdoor lighting can add value to your living space. No longer will you have to worry about being left in the dark while spending time outside! Solar lights are a great option for homeowners looking to save on their monthly bills and lower their environmental impact!


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As mentioned earlier, the installation of solar lights provides you with an easy way to save money on your monthly utilities. Solar panel systems are becoming more affordable for homeowners every day! There are several payment options available to make purchasing a solar panel system accessible. For example, there are no up-front costs when using solar leasing. With this option, customers pay a lower rate per kWh and can avoid investing thousands of dollars in upfront costs. The average cost that customers will spend on their monthly utility bills will be significantly reduced by using solar energy panels in Fort Myers. Additionally, customers should think about all the other areas where they can save money by going green! According to Energy Star, home automation products boast additional benefits beyond lower monthly utility bills. Additional perks include lower maintenance costs, decreased CO2 emissions, and a more attractive home exterior.

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The above benefits should reinforce that choosing to go green with your home automation products is a wise investment! Before installing new lighting or solar panel systems in your Fort Myers home, there are three things that you should keep in mind. First, most renewable energy incentives are time-sensitive. Customers will receive the best return on their initial investment if they act quickly before local, state, and federal programs expire. Secondly, it’s important to know how long each program will last so you can calculate when the return on your initial investment will be realized. Lastly, you must research what tax incentives are available to you. This will give clarity about whether or not solar leasing or other payment options are right for your budget. Solar lighting is becoming more widely accepted in Fort Myers, but there are still homeowners that prefer to stick with conventional outdoor lighting. It’s important to note that traditional home automation products will eventually need to be replaced. For example, incandescent light bulbs have a lifespan of only 1-2 years while LED lights last an average of 25 years! You don’t want to leave yourself at the mercy of your local utility company when it comes time to replace the fixtures in your yard. With solar panel systems installed on top of your roof, you can enjoy free energy for up to 30 years! This extended warranty is just another reason why residential customers should consider investing in renewable resources.

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Easy Insulation Fort Myers is a professional insulation contractor who proudly serves the greater Fort Myers area. We provide quality insulation services at affordable prices and stand behind our work. We offer free estimates and reliable service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so give us a call anytime!

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Easy Insulation provides all types of insulation services to homes and businesses in the greater Fort Myers area including:

We’re available around the clock for emergencies such as ice dams on roofs, missing insulation, or energy drafts throughout your home or business. So if you’re looking for great prices with friendly technicians, then Easy Insulation is the company to call. Let us help reduce your energy costs today! You can reach us by calling (239 788 2811)

Are Solar Panels Worth It?   Is it worth the cost to get solar panels installed for your house? There are many factors to take into consideration, like whether you’re in an area with good sunlight and how much your energy costs. So read our article about solar panel cost and other things to consider before investing.

How Much Does Insulation Cost? The price of insulation varies greatly depending on what type of insulation needs installing, how big your home is, where the home is located (some areas require different types of insulation) and if any upgrades or repairs need doing. If you want an estimate on the cost of insulating your home then contact us today!

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Are you looking to buy Solar Lights in Fort Myers? As warmer days set in, homeowners are now beginning to notice that their lights appear dimmer than before. This is because the sun emits ultraviolet radiation, which changes the chemical structure of the incandescent light bulb filament that makes them dim.
So if you are one of those who want to enjoy Solar lights, cheap energy-efficient LED Solar lamp post lighting is best for your exterior garden wall or driveway, or steps. With 10-30% savings on your electric bill, this year alone will more than pay for the total cost over time compared with traditional outdoor lights. The results will also be an improvement in aesthetics and security by adding solar lights to Fort Myers at your home today!

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We are insulation contractors offering insulation services in Fort Myers. If you would like insulation solutions, then you have come to the right place. We offer insulation services for your home, and we also provide insulation solutions for commercial properties. For insulation in Fort Myers, you need to look no further than your local insulation contractor. These contractors come to various homes and properties and install insulation products for customers or remove insulation if a customer has pre-existing insulation in their house that they wish to replace. If you are looking for an insulation contractor in Fort Myers, insulation contractors are not hard to find. What can be difficult is finding one that won’t take advantage of your ignorance when it comes to insulation matters. Do yourself a favor and do some research before you hire an insulation installation company.


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